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SEVA was founded in 2015 with the main aim to preserve the forest and its resources, to save the wildlife and to provide sustainable livelihoods opportunity to the tribal people living in the forests. With its base work carried out in Sanjay Gandhi National Park, to protect the park’s wildlife and conserving the forest by promoting afforestation. Seva also promotes the idea of sustainable livelihoods for the Adivasis living within the park by developing their skills and providing them with jobs. It currently provides support to 1500 Adivasis and Non-Adivasis through various initiatives. These include creating handicrafts out of recyclable material, a catering unit and organizing nature walks.


1. To generate alternative livelihood by giving opportunity to women living in Sanjay Gandhi National Park to work and make efforts to minimise their dependency on the forest resources.

2. To admire the womenfolk who have the knowledge of herbs and invest them in producing Ayurvedic benefits out of it.

3. To create consciousness among people about the animals and co exist with the help of tribal people living over there.

4. To make a better world for animals where they can live in harmony.


  •     To work closely with the forest department towards protecting the forest and its wildlife.
  •     To provide sustainable livelihood to local communities and empower women.
  •     To partner with various stakeholders in conserving the forest and promote afforestation.
  •     Create employment opportunities for local men, women and youth that are not only in harmony with nature but while simultaneously and make the locals independent of the forest.This includes organic farming, creating eco-friendly products and using recyclable waste as resources.


SEVA has contributed for the well being of the tribals of Sanjay Gandhi National Park throughout the Pandemic in many unique ways-

1. Organizing Food Donation Campaigns in collaboration with different Non Profit Organizations for the tribals was a great effort during the lockdown period.

2. Connecting with a large audience by organising webinars to create awareness about the campaign organised by SEVA.

3. Panel Discussion, the powerful way of exchanging thoughts about the conservation practices and steps to implement.

4. Planning Product Catalogue for the products designed by the tribals and developing marketing strategy with the objective of selling these products in the view of generating maximum income for the communities of Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

Various initiatives taken by SEVA: 

Tailoring initiative: Tribal women are trained in sewing. They are taught to make cloth bags in different styles. Recently we opened a Sewing/Tailoring centre in Gandhi Tekari in Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

Pottery project: the women are also given a chance to learn pottery, where they make beautiful pots in different shapes and design.

Tribal kitchen: the tribal kitchen is an initiative to promote healthy diet as well as to give livelihood to the tribal women



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