SEVA CHARITABLE TRUST was founded in 2015 with the key aim of preserving forests and its invaluable resources, saving wildlife, and providing sustainable livelihood opportunities to the tribal communities living in forests. With all its base work being carried out in Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Seva continuously strives to make its vision a reality and focuses on protecting the park’s wildlife and conservation by the promotion of afforestation techniques. Another key vision that Seva nurtures is of promoting sustainable livelihoods and encouraging non-dependency of forest resources for the Adivasis living in the park. This is achieved by developing existing skills, inculcating new ones, and providing them with jobs. Seva currently provides support to 1500 Adivasis and Non-Adivasis under its wing through diverse initiatives. These initiatives strive to form a sustainable environment. Some of Seva’s initiatives include creating handicrafts out of recycled and reused materials, a well-functioning catering unit, and organizing a nature walk.

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